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Coffs Coast Show Off Their New Zooties

One of the newest clubs in Australian rowing, Coffs Coast, recently launched their new club zootie at the Head of the Clarence in Grafton. The zootie was a striking blend of vibrant colours and a modern design. Club President, Dan Backhouse worked with the Milan based designers for Zooties Sportswear to come up with a fresh design that suited their new club. "It looks very different to any of the other club zooties I have seen, so it works well for our new club", he said. 

He was very pleased with their performance at the regatta with many results better than they expected. When asked if he thought is was due to the new zootie, he replied, "I think that's taking it a bit far", in his usual laconic tone.

Regardless, the club members seemed very happy with the new zooties.

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